Progress Report : August 14th 2017

This extensive new site, which will answer all the questions a beginner in Gauge 3 is likely to be asking him or her self, is very much advanced and has a huge amount of content. It commences with making decisions on whether G3 is the right path for you, through planning and constructing the line, right up to the dizzy heights of building your own live steamer!

There is a lot of technical detail, as well as “plain English” advice on the whole range of challenges which face a constructor, to ease your path through the G3 experience.

The majority of the material is already in place on the web pages (protected by password until ready for publication) and currently is being edited and organised into a system of “pathways” to help a newcomer find his/her way through the jungle.

The application used to set up this encyclopedia enables searches to be conducted, as well as the use of a comprehensive list of contents and the aforementioned “pathways”.

There is a team of just three working on this and, with holidays and work intervening, it is not a quick process.

Anticipated launch date of “Phase 1” is mid to late September, with continuing expansion thereafter.

More volunteers for editing duties will speed up the process!

John Candy