The Gauge 3 Wiki is the largest and most comprehensive site dedicated to Gauge 3 model railways and has been designed to answer the questions a beginner in Gauge 3 is likely to be asking him or her self. It commences with making decisions on whether Gauge 3 is the right path for you, through planning and constructing the line, right up to the dizzy heights of building your own Gauge 3 live steamer!

There is a lot of technical detail, as well as “plain English” advice on the whole range of challenges which face a constructor, to ease your path through the Gauge 3 experience.

The application used to set up this encyclopedia enables searches to be conducted, as well as the use of a comprehensive list of contents and a series of designated “pathways”.

While care has been taken in preparing the material, it is inevitable that there will be a few errors : There have been constraints imposed by limited manpower available to check everything in the available time. The introductory page explains how to draw attention to errors and how to contribute your own material.


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Enter the Gauge 3 Wiki Here!